Honored 1st prize

Exciting news! My watercolor «Bon Appètit» won 1st prize at the “Painter’s day” competition arranged by La Palette De Saintonge mid July this year.

The story takes place in the city Saintes in France. We, the artists are meeting in La Palette De Saintonge location in the morning. We got a map of the area in the city where we shall go out and find inspiration for our paintings. The painting has to be finished and delivered to the jury in the afternoon, so we really had to speed up. I took my painting- equipment and went to the busy market place nearby the cathedral. Here I found a good spot in front of the bakery Le Petit Chat Gourmand. When I arrive, the first customers are already heading to the counter for their fresh baked bread and croissants. The workers in the bakery kindly let me stand drawing and painting them in action. After hours painting and talking to the people that comes by, my painting is finished and I went home for a late lunch. At the exhibition in the evening, I am overwhelmed about that my painting is honored with 1st prize.

J’adresse un grand merci au personnel de Le Petit Chat Gourmand qui, avec ouverture et humour, m’a permis de les peindre sur la place.

This day was a perfect end of a fantastic week in Saintes and the region around, where I have been painting and drawing sunflowers, oyster workers and town scenes, together with my friend Maria Payer.